Dear Owner,

I first want to thank you for all of the use you like to give me. I am always happy when you walk on me, and sit on me, let the kids play on me and even the compliments I receive on your behalf when the guests tell you what a great choice you made in choosing me.

Speaking of choosing me, it was about two years ago that you did that. I remember because it was an especially hot New York summer and you said that you wanted something that was cool and springy, not dark and drab like a winter day.

Our relationship has been great and I appreciate all of the vacuuming you do for me, but it has been two years and I am starting to get concerned as to why you don't want to have me professionally cleaned by a New York carpet cleaning company.

If I recall, the salesman said that I should be cared for with proper cleaning like vacuuming every week, but you will need to have me cleaned by a carpet cleaning company at least once a year to maintain my appearance.

I see you like to take showers and baths to get clean and I too enjoy being clean.

You buy new clothes and get haircuts and other beautifying treatments so you look good to others and guess what? I also like to look good for the people who see me.

Speaking of being clean and how I look, I am a big fan of the cat, she is a cute little thing, but a few weeks she let loose with a little pee on me and while I understand that she may not be aware that I am aware of this it is really starting to get under my skin, I mean, my padding and this is going to cause some serious smelling if it is properly taken care of.

Once when you were home after a trip you had a lot of papers in your hand and one of them fell to me. Since you had walked away before noticing that you'd dropped it I was able to read it and it spoke about carpet cleaning in the New York area and there were even some specials being offered, all you had to do was check them out online or call them and they were happy to come and take care of me.

One last thing before I end this letter, though, and that is my anti stain and static guard treatments, they have begun to ware off and I am concerned that should a spill or some other accident occur I will be easily marked with an unsightly spot and you might not like me as much as you used to.

Thank you for reading my letter and I hope that you will be ok with calling a carpet cleaning company so I can get clean and keep making you happy with being her ein your house.


The Carpeting.

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