Many Salt Lake City homes and offices are known for their appearance and look and the pride the owners take in each place. Part of the allure of these homes and businesses are the furnishings, the art work, the design and the paint and all of these are complimented by the carpeting that exists in each room.

The type of carpeting chosen to represent personal taste will be noticed by all whether they realize it or not and for those that do, they will always comment on it.

Carpeting comes in many different styles and a variety of fibers and synthetic materials. Most of the more popular types of carpet these days are made from nylon due to its durability and resistance to crushing and scuffing and it also is able to avoid staining, is moth proof and has many other positive attributes.

The dye that is used in most of the carpeting you see in homes and offices around Salt Lake City today is set so that it does not allow other colors to encroach on it causing it to alter the look of the carpet with any discoloration.

Many of the carpets you can choose from come pre treated with anti staining applications such as Scotch Guard. This will aid in avoiding stains and while it is effective it is not 100% foolproof. You must be on guard with any type of carpeting and keep a watchful eye for any new staining. Especially in high traffic areas.

Other treatments that newer carpeting come with are static guard to avoid those pesky and annoying shocks which build up from static electricity, soil retardants to keep soil and dirt from entering in to your carpets fibers, causing new and seep stains and soiling to appear, and making it much easier to clean your carpeting.

When you are choosing your new carpeting remember that color really has a lot to do with how your carpet will not only be seen, but how it will stand up against stains, dirt and time. Lighter colors, while perhaps a perfect match for you home do not always make for a conducive clean carpet environment. Dark colors can be drab in many homes so your best bet is to choose a medium color that will compliment your home and furnishings but also be able to mask small amounts of soiling, stains and dirt as carpet cleaning is not always able to be done.

You will also want to choose your padding well and make sure that the padding you install has a good bounce. This will help not only with walking and appearance, but is quite useful if you have children as when they take their many falls and spills, the thick padding is in place to absorb the shock of the fall.

Your carpeting must remain in good shape in order to get the best out of it and extend its life for years of enjoyment and professional carpet cleaning by a Salt Lake City carpet cleaning company is the way to go. By setting up a regular cleaning schedule with your preferred residential carpet cleaning company you can be sure that your will have healthy and great looking carpet for many years to come!

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