We all know what bad weather is like but in some areas it is far worse than others. In the Southwest there are summer monsoons and in the north there is snow and ice in their bitter cold winters. The south, as it is in Jacksonville get strong storms that come through and can wreak havoc on homes and businesses alike, sometimes causing large numbers of dollars worth of damage and leaving homeowners and property owners scratching their heads over how this will get cleaned.

One such scenario is when high winds from a storm hit the Jacksonville area and knock over trees or power lines causing them to fall on whatever is next to them and many times this is a home.

If this occurs and it damages the roof so much that it becomes exposed than not only will that weather from outside start to come in and affect all of your belongings, but the materials that your home is made of will also enter inside of your property.

This is not a pleasant scenario for anyone and at times the damage can be so extensive that the home will need to either be destroyed or you will have a lot of rebuilding or rehabbing on your hands.

If this does occur, though, and roof work and clean up is all that is needed there is one item of your home you will want to pay special attention to, and that is your carpeting.

No matter what damage afflicts your house, no matter what comes inside it will always end up coming down on to your carpeting.

You carpeting is not only susceptible to debris when the roof is intact, but it is highly affected if it is damaged or taken down.

First of all the weather that is coming in, rain and high winds forcing all manner of material to be blown about is going to have a heyday on your carpeting. If too much moisture enters in then mold, which can take just two days to start growing, and mildew can infiltrate your home and this will only add one more hazard to an already bad situations.

As far as the damage to the roof and what will affect your carpeting you could have tar, ceramic tiles, shingles or any other roofing material digging in to your carpets.

Your home is protected with insulation and this is not the type of materials you want to be walking around in, especially if there is any fiberglass inside of it.

All of these things can and do impinge on your carpeting and first things first, you must fix the problem from the outside in.

After you have taken care of your roof, your insulation and any of the work your home needs it will be time to get to work on your carpeting.

This is where a experienced Jacksonville carpet cleaning company will be required to come in and ascertain if the carpeting can be saved, treated and cleaned or if it must be replaced.

Carpet cleaning after something like this is a given but if mold or insulation, mildew or other matter can adversely have an effect on your carpeting the unfortunate episode you thought you had finished might start again with your carpeting.

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