One of the more annoying stains that can completely ruin the day of person who likes their carpeting is a grease stain. Images of oil and muck from a garage spring to mind and the idea of having to deal with this in your carpeting is far from a good one.

Grease stains, while being incredibly difficult to clean are also magnets for soil and dirt as they are petroleum based.

Not all of the grease stains will look or be like the one imagined, as engine grease isn't the only type of product that can cause grease stains. Petroleum jelly, body and hand lotion and other similar products can cause the same, bothersome spots and stains in your Denver home or office carpeting that will require immediate attention.

The first thing you should do when you experience a stain of this magnitude is to remove as much of the excess grease as you can. Using a paper towel and an acetone based product such as nail polish remover blot at the stain to work out more of the grease. You must be aware of the amount of polish remover or whatever type of acetone product you are using as too much will bleach and dissolve your carpeting, but in extreme circumstance, extreme measures must be taken.

Spot removers that you most likely have sitting under your kitchen sink are usually the best type of carpet cleaning supply for this stain. It is suggested by many carpet manufacturers, carpet retailers and Denver carpet cleaning companies that you have your carpeting professionally cleaned as soon as possible to make certain that your carpets stay free from as much damage and permanent staining as possible.

If you must clean this stain yourself and you are using acetones and carpet cleaning products together make sure you are in a well ventilated area and you use skin protection such as rubber gloves. Have plenty of water around to rinse out the products you are using, but make sure to not soak your carpets, as excessive wetting is also a danger to your carpeting.

Since this type of spotting can get underneath your carpeting and you cannot clean underneath them on your own you will also be wise in choosing to call an experienced Denver carpet cleaning company. If the need is to lift your carpets and clean underneath and in the padding there is no better choice as again, over wetting can take place and they will see to it that not only does this not happen but that your carpet and padding are put back in their original condition. Any stains such as grease that sink to the padding will also attract all of the dirt and soil particles underneath your carpets.

While the average person is, in most cases, able to tackle any problems with the stains they have on their carpeting, grease stains that are tracked in on shoes, spilled on accident or any way they may get there must be treated with the utmost care and attention. Anything less will most certainly result in a stain that will last for the duration of time that you choose to keep the carpeting in your home or office.

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