The question that lends itself to the topic of this article, believe it or not, has been asked more times that you might expect. It's not a complex question, it's not going to turn up on college exams at your Washington DC university and it will definitely not appear on your driving test, however it can be, for some, one of the most vexing and obvious at the same time, questions that is around, "how did that stain get there?".

While in most cases the answer can be quite clear, as the culprit is usually very easy to find or locate after a little detective work, but since the question is asked as frequently as it is in regards to Washington DC residents and their carpeting we thought we would help you by describing some of the more "typical" ways that stain got there.

Let's say you are walking outside, it's a nice spring afternoon and you are in the middle of your coffee to go when suddenly your phone rings. Unbeknownst to you, in the middle of that super interesting phone conversation you step in a pile of doggy doo that has been left behind by a careless owner. That dog waste will enter into every crevasse of your footwear and the moment you step foot in the door will start to stain and even stink up your carpeting. Hopefully you can recognize that it wasn't your dog's accident that did this, and by seeing there is no pile or mess in your home, this should suffice you.

Perhaps you are having a glass of your favorite red wine when suddenly you realize you forgot to TiVo tonight's episode of Criminal Fingerprint Expert Files and in your haste to make it to the TV before it starts you spill the glass of wine all over your white carpeting.

Maybe it's a cold, slushy winter evening in Washington DC and you have been forced to wait on public transportation for hours. Arriving home you notice the slush that has come inside with you full of mud, street gunk and various other types of material.

You've ordered Chinese food again. It's your favorite and you are eagerly awaiting the first bite. Your chopsticks take hold of noodles and sauce, your thumb slips and there goes the food.

Your cat is tired of using a liter box that should have been emptied two days ago. Enough said.

No matter the culprit or reason these events, as normal as they are, will always invoke questions such as "how and why" and when your head has cleared to the point of returning logic turn on your computer, type in carpet cleaning for your area of Washington DC and let a professional carpet cleaning company come and provide the correct response to your question, carpet cleaning.

Even of it seem like the stains come from nowhere, even if they are difficult to remove on your own, any time you feel the need to ask "how did that stain get there?" just let your subconscious take over and find yourself a good and reliable carpet cleaning company.

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