Lead based paint and lead in general is a very dangerous and toxic metal that was used for numerous years in many products in the United States. Lead is said to possibly cause behavioral problems, learning disabilities, seizures and death. The most common types of lead sources are from lead based paints, lead contaminated soil and lead contaminated dust mostly found in residential environments.

Home that have been built prior to 1978 are at risk of having lead based paint products in them and it is more than advisable to have this checked. The dust and soil that has settled on the walls, window sills and any other areas affected by the lead can become contaminated and fall to the carpeting, so simply having the paint removed is not the only task that will require completion. Older homes, such as ones found in Mesa need to be tested for lead based paint and other lead hazards to ensure the safety of the home. If lead based paint is found the home must be treated as thoroughly cleaned.

Some other facts about lead and what to be aware of are that lead can be harmful not only to small children, but to unborn babies as well. Lead can enter a person's body by breathing in or swallowing lead dust. Lead based paint, if it is good condition is not a hazard, the hazard is when it becomes older and starts to crack, chip and fall creating small and even dust sized pieces, which can go deep into your carpeting and settle there until an adult or child displacing it, allowing it to possibly reek quite a bit of havoc.

Since the lead can fall to the carpet via paint chips or small flecks, as well as into soil that is in and around the home a complete and methodical carpet cleaning and sanitizing must take place. In some instances the carpet will have to be replaced all together and working with an experienced and knowledgeable Mesa carpet cleaning company will provide you the benefits of skilled answers for all of you concerns.

Your and your family's safety should never be in question especially when you are in your home, the place where you should always feel safe and comfortable.

Be sure to always keep up to date on matters of your home and take all precautionary measures to ensure that your environment is as family and eco friendly as possible.

Mesa carpet cleaning companies are more than capable of handling these types of scenarios as they have spent years in the city caring for homes of various ages, new and old.

For more information about lead and lead poisoning, and how to combat it, be sure to check the internet for your local government websites and others such as the CDC and the EPA as they have many pages that will be useful for you to read. If you don't have access to the internet your local library will also be able to help you find any information you are requesting on this subject.

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