One thing every Indianapolis home owner should always be aware of and on the lookout for is mold. This is a very serious concern as the health issues and their implications are quite serious.

Mold is not always easily detectable and one of the main places it can start to grow is under your carpets and padding if there is any consistent moisture or it is exposed to liquid often, as most grows very well in this type of a humid and moist environment.

Mold is said to cause many allergy problems, memory issues, asthma attacks and in some cases is thought to be fatal.

Before a person purchases their home many lenders will require an inspector to go in and check for mold, as do insurance companies that cover homes with their policies. It is a good idea to also have a Indianapolis carpet cleaning specialist enter the home and check the carpeting for signs of mold as they have a large amount of experience in dealing with this sort of a problem.

There are many warning signs to look for with mold and you will be doing yourself and your family a favor to be aware of them before you move in to your new home in Indianapolis.

From the outside of the home look around any areas with vines, or vine like branches that are connected to the base of the home, the underside, flooring or the foundation. Vines are called rhizomorphs and this is what connects the fungus to the soil and wood.

Check all of your air conditioning vents for any discoloration or black/dark staining. This means there is moisture and mold is growing.

Any sunken areas around your baseboards must be thoroughly inspected as well as the trim. If you see any indentation around here then it means the mold has started to consume the wood behind the paint in that area and you can se that the paint is cracking and peeling.

Look for any separation of the baseboard from the wall or the flooring.

If you happen to see whitish mats or areas with black that looks sort of like a stain in and under carpet, tile/linoleum, behind your furniture or even in your cabinets you probably have a mold concern.

Be especially aware of any mushroom like growths on the older or rooting wood of your home. These are serious and very dangerous and if you have children or animals make sure that they avoid these areas until they are removed.

There are companies you can hire for mold remediation and they are quite efficient for removing all types of it. The only time you will want to go outside of this is for any mold in your carpeting. Carpet cleaning professionals are more than able to handle this job better than most as they can get to the root of the problem and still, in most cases, save your carpeting and your pocketbook quite a lot of money.

Be sure to take mold seriously and act right away if you suspect you have it or you see it first hand.

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