Many people are unaware of the fact that the majority of companies in and around Portland that they do business with have other products and services available to their clientele. In many cases most of these companies will advertise or offer various other services in order to either let the public know they are available or to possibly up sell for a larger job. Yet for a large number of companies the "other services available" are not utilized by the consumer, as they don't always think about a business beyond their primary service.

In carpet cleaning many of the carpet cleaning companies that come to your Portland area home, apartment or office are more than just carpet cleaners. Many of them offer a service that is needed and usually only thought about if a customer remembers to buy cleaning supplies for this service, cleaning furniture.

Just as with carpet there is a tremendous amount of wear and staining that can be done to couches, chairs and other forms of furniture with fabric and while the need for this service is present, it is not always acted on, and after all, with the care put into choosing ones belongings keeping them in the best shape possible should be a serious matter.

More often than not, when a person needs to clean their furniture they head to their local grocery or variety item store and purchase powders and sprays which advertise themselves as "cleaners", when in fact they are products that surface clean and provide temporary deodorizing and at best mild sanitization. If one were to take the time to read the ingredients of a great many of these "cleaning" products they will find chemicals both unheard of and hazardous. Since the furniture most people use is for the common use of all who live in and visit a home it doesn't make for very inviting or comfortable sitting or use. There are many eco-friendly cleaners available here in Portland, however, even with the benefits of any of the environmentally sound products offered there is still the lack of actual cleaning that occurs when compared to a professional cleaning company.

The convenience of going to the store and buying supplies such as these for furniture cleaning cannot be denied but most of these products are best used when trying to mask the smell of a pet, accident or a spill of food or drink. However for actual cleansing the person in need might be well served to look towards companies who specialize in cleaning and not just a powder or liquid found on random shelves, as a temporary masking cannot be replaced by a long lasting and complete cleaning.

Many carpet cleaning companies who provide this service have various options from a dry clean foam to soap or shampoo and the experience of the technician will ensure a clean and sanitary job is performed.

While a machine can be and is used when cleaning furniture, many carpet cleaning companies offer a by hand method that is just as effective and helps in the care and upkeep of a persons furniture, and in many cases both techniques can make your furniture look like new.

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