When you go to the store and you visit the cleaning aisles you can peruse many lanes of random cleaning supplies for everything from toilets and tile cleaner, to dish cleaner, laundry soap, wood cleaning products and of course, carpet cleaning products.

No matter what store in St. Paul that carries these products you choose to buy them from your choice will generally remain the same, unless you choose to purchase professional carpet cleaning machines and cleaning supplies for carpeting.

You will find an array of products that do everything from mask smells to remove stains, but the real question is, which one do you need and which one will actually work?

First we start with the powders that can be sprinkled on to carpets to "freshen" them. These are effective when you have odors emanating out of it and you will get a temporary relief from this powder. Problem is, is that it will fade fast and at the end of the day all you've done is sprinkle some powder on your carpeting that is about as potent as spraying your bathroom with a spray that wears off after a short amount of time.

Next we see the "spot removers". Now these are interesting products, and somewhat scary too, if used in any improper way. First of all, many times when someone attempts to remove hard to clean stains they have attempted to clean them with other cleaning solutions and a lot of these products can have chlorine in them. That chlorine, if mixed with the wrong type of chemical can let off fumes that are not only harmful, but in some cases fatal, so be careful if you have already used other products!

The other dilemma with these "stain removers" is that they don't usually work. Now this is not to say that the product is faulty, but sometimes it can be if it is not used correctly or in the right hands to do the job.

Speaking of hands make sure to use gloves anytime you use a product that is a solvent due to the chemicals inside of the solution.

My personal favorites are the products that claim by spraying foam from a can you can let it sit for a specified time, vacuum it up and then have clean and sanitized carpeting. While foam products are used at a professional level it must be reminded that the machinery being used is also of a professional grade, and the vacuum cleaner that most people have at home simply is not.

When you hear that some jobs are best left to those with experience you might find this saying to be true when it comes to carpet cleaning and care for you St. Paul home.

It is not to say that you don't know how to do it, but carpet cleaning and stain care especially can be tricky if you are not knowledgeable of how to care for them and this type of work can destroy parts of the carpeting.

All you need to do is contact a St. Paul carpet cleaning company and inform them of your problem and they can offer suggestions or come and assist you anytime you need it. It is up to you but remember that the money you spend on questionable, store bought products over time can cover much of what you would spend for professional carpet cleaning service.

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