There are myths to just about everything out there. Large footed creatures walking through the forests, dinosaur sized animals in lakes, alligators in the septic systems and pots of gold under rainbows. While those myths will most likely remain the stuff of fantasy there other myths that can be tackled head on so you know what is true or not and what can help or not.

One myth that I was quite surprised to hear about in San Diego was that it is bad for your carpets to have them regularly vacuumed. First of all, this is news to me and since I suppose there can be some concern in that many vacuums have various settings, vacuuming does far less damage to your carpeting than dirt, soil and other stain causing materials.

Speaking of settings you will want to be sure that when you do start to vacuum you are not set at the lowest, right on the floor setting. This can cause all sorts of damage as you have no real amount of room under the vacuum and between the carpeting and dragging of any objects or stains being extended can come about as well as a loosing of the fibers for being that close to it.

Vacuuming is, in fact, one of the best preventative measures you can use with your carpets and their care and most, if not all, carpet cleaning experts will confirm this.

While you will always want to have a regular San Diego carpet cleaning company care for your carpets, ranging from every three to eighteen months depending on the use and traffic your carpets handle, proper care between these times is very important and vacuuming is your ticket to keeping healthy and long lasting carpet.

If you are not "on top" of your carpets and its needs you will at the least be accumulating large amounts of dirt and dust that can attract many creatures such as dust mites and if any moisture is introduced that dirt and dust turns to stains as well as an open invitation to mildew. In order to head this off and make it a non issue you can, yep, you guessed it, perform regular maintenance in the form of vacuuming!

All myths aside and all jokes aside, the durability and longevity of your carpeting is not just based on what the manufacturer states on a piece of paper when you buy it, and is not going to last as long as the salesperson say unless you care for it and maintain a regular schedule of cleaning just as you would any other room or object in your home or office.

If you lead a busy lifestyle you can seek out a number of San Diego carpet cleaning businesses that will be happy to service and care for your carpets and suggest alternate measure that can be taken to counter damage.

No matter how you feel about carpeting, remember that vacuuming is your friend in keeping your carpets healthy and in the best shape!

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